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The Move In.

In my previous post I talked about "5 Things They Don't Tell You About Moving In Together." I wanted to take a step further in today's post to tell you a more detailed account of things I did and have noticed about the days following the move in with my ex (almost) husband.

When we were dating and before we got married my ex (almost) husband was all about getting married after we graduated college and started a career. He was in school to become a physical therapist and it would have taken more than 5 years to complete all the schooling, etc. that he needed to start a career.

... then less than 6 months later we found out that I was pregnant with my now 3 year old... and he proposed. THIS was a red flag for my parents... why I did not listen? I don't know.

I honestly don't even remember them saying anything about it.

Other before we were married things I knew but never addressed... I knew he was a cheater. I found videos, images, text messages, etc. on his p…

An Open Letter to My Son

My Son: Elijah (Eli) on his birth day. 

I don’t know if you have heard the song Boy by Lee Brice but it is an absolutely beautiful song. It has come on the radio multiple times the past few days and I can’t help but think that my baby boy is growing up way too fast.

Dear Son,
I remember when I found out you were a boy. I was so happy, but also very scared. How could I raise a man that is loving, kind and caring when I myself was so confused about men?
I don’t know the answer to that question and I certainly don’t know the answers to a lot of questions. Boys are stubborn, strong willed, and independent. But you, my son are handsome, caring and loving in every way.
I miss your fuzzy hair and the way you used to curl up your legs in your bouncer seat. I miss your little toes and your tiny little feet. I love that for now you still let me tickle you and pretend to eat your toes. But I know it’s not to long before you tell me “no.”
You  are growing like a weed every single day. Losing all your baby fat in those cute little cheeks.
Promise me son that as you grow older you will remember.
I know you are going to do some stupid things and you’ll probably be grounded for life when you do. But don’t forget how much I love you. Don’t forget all the times that I sat and held you when you were sad, sick or hurt. Don’t forget the sweetheart you are now, because you might think your 10 feet tall and you might literally be taller than me.... but you’ll always be my baby boy.
I tell you all the time not to grow up. To stay little forever and be my baby. So I can hold you, kiss you and cuddle you whenever I want.

... as much as I know that won’t ever happen. I wish it could. Because baby boy I’m going to miss you. But I know I will be so proud of the man you will become.

You are going to do some pretty amazing things! And I know that someday a beautiful, strong, caring woman will come along and love you for you.
Don’t forget about your Momma.

I love you baby boy.


P.S. a keepsake memory: you love to say “cheese” whenever I pull out my camera. It’s the cutest thing ever. And you won’t let me not take your picture. Love you.


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