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The Move In.

In my previous post I talked about "5 Things They Don't Tell You About Moving In Together." I wanted to take a step further in today's post to tell you a more detailed account of things I did and have noticed about the days following the move in with my ex (almost) husband.

When we were dating and before we got married my ex (almost) husband was all about getting married after we graduated college and started a career. He was in school to become a physical therapist and it would have taken more than 5 years to complete all the schooling, etc. that he needed to start a career.

... then less than 6 months later we found out that I was pregnant with my now 3 year old... and he proposed. THIS was a red flag for my parents... why I did not listen? I don't know.

I honestly don't even remember them saying anything about it.

Other before we were married things I knew but never addressed... I knew he was a cheater. I found videos, images, text messages, etc. on his p…

It is Possible

Have you found yourself feeling like life is impossible? Especially in the most stressful seasons?

Maybe you are due to have a baby, unemployed, hungry and without food, worried about how the bills are going to get paid, in school, etc. There are a number of things that can create stress in our lives, we just have to look at the bigger picture.

The end result is God Promise to us. Everything does happen for a reason, and sometimes those reasons are purely to teach us a lesson so that we are ready for the next chapter of life.

"For with God, nothing shall be impossible." - Luke 1:37

No matter what you are going through it is not impossible. The rainbow at the end of your storm is coming soon. 

What storm are you facing? Can I pray for you today?



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