The Move In.

In my previous post I talked about "5 Things They Don't Tell You About Moving In Together." I wanted to take a step further in today's post to tell you a more detailed account of things I did and have noticed about the days following the move in with my ex (almost) husband.

When we were dating and before we got married my ex (almost) husband was all about getting married after we graduated college and started a career. He was in school to become a physical therapist and it would have taken more than 5 years to complete all the schooling, etc. that he needed to start a career.

... then less than 6 months later we found out that I was pregnant with my now 3 year old... and he proposed. THIS was a red flag for my parents... why I did not listen? I don't know.

I honestly don't even remember them saying anything about it.

Other before we were married things I knew but never addressed... I knew he was a cheater. I found videos, images, text messages, etc. on his phone from the day we first met.
and... I could tell he was addicted. Addicted to sexual intercourse.

Other things we talked about before marriage and baby were things like him wanting me to stay home and be a mother to the children and not have anyone else raise them. However, he knew that I wanted a career and to make something of myself.

SO... fast forward to moving in.

1. He refused to let me work full time, part time, any time unless I could take the babies with me. I am a very ambitious person and I want to make something of myself... I don't want to have to rely on a man. I want to know that I can take care of myself and my kids if I have to.

2. He would become angry if I didn't want to have sex... WHICH made me not want to be intimate even more. He would bash me in front of our friends and joke about "never getting any."

... in the end I wasn't amused by him smacking my butt playfully. I didn't care if he spent time with me. I wasn't interested in cleaning, cooking, or doing anything for him. I did NOT CARE. He pushed my wants and needs so far from the surface that I just didn't even want to care about him.... I did what he wanted and kept to myself.

Both man and wife deserve their dreams and plans in life.



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